Deck rebuild
This old front porch had seen better days. The wood was beginning to rot, the handrails
weren't very sturdy and the design really wasn't very good. The akward angle just seemed
to close off the entry way and the homeowner wanted it changed. Also, while it is hard to
see from this angle, the porch has two different levels, which differ in height by about 6
inches. And the builder, instead of stretching the angle out over the 12 feet he had available,
chose to put a very akward angle in the middle of the deck, so it drops 6 inches in about 4
feet, making for a rather sharp dip or rise, depending on whether you are coming or going.
We tore out all the old wood back to the main deck and started from scratch. We framed this
"bridge" so that it was a nice, straight walk to the door with no akward angle
s to impede
traffic. Also, we stretched the 6 inch height difference over about 12 feet so that when
walking on this porch, the pitch is so gradual that there is no discernible rise or fall. This photo
was taken with just a white primer on the wood.
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