Deck repairs
One of our regular customers came
to us about some serious issues with
their back porch. The weight of the
sunroom was resting on a thin
concrete slab that had not been
properly prepared with footings
sufficient to support the weight of
the structure placed on it. As might
be expected, the slab cracked and
broke. Because the columns had
been improperly placed on the thin
3" patio slab, the two columns on
the left of the photo had broken
near the bottom as the support of
the patio had given away.

These customers were going to be
placing the house on the market
soon, but with such obvious
structural defects, potential buyers
would turn and run.
To fix the problem, we had to
jack up the existing deck, being
extremely careful not to break
any of the windows. Next, we
had to build a temporary wall to
support the deck so we could
work safely as we removed all
four of the brick columns, dug
appropriate footers on which to
rest the weight of the deck and
replaced them with 6x6 posts that
would match the other deck's
The completed deck sits atop it's
new legs and not a single crack in
any of the sunroom's 16 windows.
Photos/text copyright WHI, 2007.
All rights reserved.