The pool cover was scheduled to come off
in just a week. But these homeowners had
one very big problem -- their 18 month old
daughter had twice wandered onto the
cover! Despite diligent attention to keeping
her in the grass play area, she had found her
way onto the pool cover. The problem --
very soon the cover would be coming off,
and if she found her way there again, it
could be tragic.
They called me to build them a small fence that would keep their child from the pool area but one
that would blend well with what they already had in place. This small wooden dogear fence with
pickets spaced 3 inches served both purposes. The large gap between the dogears wouldn't seem so
closed in and the low height would also add to a feeling of "openness."

Now the pool cover can come off on schedule, the homeowners can rest easy that their daughter is
safe, and they have an attractive fence that enhances the natural look of their back yard.
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