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The absolute essential

Even more important than price is
the trust factor. People simply want
to trust the contractor they hire to
work on their homes. Homeowners
want them to do quality work, show
up when they say they will show up,
perform the work they say
they will and if a problem arises, fix
it without giving them a hassle. In a
nutshell, customers want their
contractor to be trustworthy.
Approximately 88% of our work
is either from repeat customers
or comes as a referral from an
existing customer.
"If you confess with
your mouth, "Jesus
is Lord" and believe
in your heart that
God raised him
from the dead,
you will be saved.
Rom 10:9
5 sure signs you will
soon need a new
1.Your roof is more than 10
years old.

2. The corners of your shingles
are curled up.

3. After every storm you lose
several shingles and those
shingles are hard, brittle and
break easily.

4. You have little or no

5. You have more of the colored
granules from the shingles in your
gutters than on your shingles.

Are you wasting
hundreds of
a year?
Proper attic
can help you
save $!
No matter who you hire to
work on your home you
want to be sure you hire a
quality contractor. Visit for
great info and tips on how
to hire a contractor and
avoid getting ripped off.
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