The leak was so bad and had
evidently gone on for so long that
the roof decking, the rake board,
the fascia, the subfascia, two
rafter tails and the soffit were
totally rotten away. The
homeowner said she had tried for
a couple years to get someone out
to take care of this for her before
it got out of hand. Apparently she
couldn't get anyone to fix it until
she called us.
Just one of the many areas on
this home with rotten wood.
The top picture shows just how
badly the wood under the
shingles had disintegrated -- as is
evident by the five-inch dip in
the roof.
Every corner area on the house
with a valley in the roof had
rotten fascia/soffit because the
roofer did not use any metal in
the valleys, so the water found
its way into the fascia and soffit,
and the result -- rotten wood.
All photos copyright WHI, 2007.

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Rotten wood